Search For Missing AT Hiker, Geraldine Largay, Intensifies

Geraldine Largay


The search for missing Appalachian Trail hiker, Geraldine Largay, continues in Maine. A group of wardens and experienced search and rescue volunteers have been searching for the missing hiker for about two weeks. They have narrowed their search to an area that measures roughly 4.2-square-miles. The section where searchers believe they will have the best opportunity to locate the missing hiker is between Lone Mountain and the Spaulding lean-to.

Investigators have narrowed their search for Geraldine Largay based on interviews that were conducted with hikers that may have come into contact with the missing hiker. According to officials, it is believed that Largay did not make it to the Spaulding lean-to.

Geraldine Largay is 66-years-old and had already hiked close to 950 miles of the Appalachian Trail. She was hiking alone because her hiking partner was not able to join her on this hiking trip. Largay’s husband kept up with her progress via text messaging and would meet up with her at certain points in the Appalachian Trail to re-supply her.

The couple had agreed to meet on July 23, 2013. Geraldine Largay failed to meet her husband at the time they had agreed and he called the Carrabasset Valley Police to alert them that she was missing.

According to statistics, most hikers who get lost on the Appalachian Trail are found within 12-24 hours of being reported missing. Normally during a search for a missing hiker, investigators are able to find something that they can link back to that person. However, in this instance, investigators have yet to find an item on the trail that belongs to Geraldine Largay.

The Maine Warden Service has requested the help of trained Maine Search and Rescue volunteers due to the rugged terrain of the area they are searching. They have stated that if someone wants to assist in the search, they should locate a group and get trained for the next search.

The Maine Warden Service scaled back the search after their attempts on Sunday failed to locate any new clues as to the whereabouts of the missing hiker.

If anyone has information regarding Garaldine Largay, please call the Public Safety Dispatch Center in Augusta at 1-800-452-4664.