Stay Prepared with Long Term Food Storage

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Today I was thinking about how well prepared my family would be if we experienced a natural disaster in the area. I checked through our food pantry and it looks like we would be ok for at least a week. We have enough food and water to last a little while, but I started thinking just how long could we last if we could not leave our home for some reason.

Most people have enough food and water in their homes to last them for about 3 days. After that they would have to leave their homes and try to find something to eat. If there is a natural disaster in the area, or worse, riots in the streets, it may not be safe to go scrounging around for food and water. A better option is to just make sure that you and your family is adequately prepared for a survival situation.

Last time I was at the supermarket, I saw a pretty cool product. It was a container that had ready-made meals that had a shelf life of 25 years! The container has all the food that you would need to provide food for yourself and your family. The long term shelf life is what really impressed me. If you are going to prepare for the future, you better buy stuff that lasts!

The next time I went to the same supermarket, they were completely out of the long term food storage containers. They couldn’t even tell me when they would get another shipment. The state I live in has a large number of “preppers,” or people who prepare for survival situations. Since I could not find the product in stores due to high demand, I did an online search for long term food storage systems. I was surprised that there are actually quite a few manufacturers of this product.

One company that seems to have everything you would need for most survival situations is They have food storage systems as well as water storage systems. They also sell survival kits, generators, seed storage, camping food, etc.

For their food storage packages, you can start out with a 1 month supply and go all the way up to a 3 year supply for 4 adults. The packages can get pricey, but can you really put a price on preparedness? Their price averages around $1.50 per serving and can be prepared by adding water. This can come in handy if you lose electricity. Also, if you order over $250 they will send you a free emergency stove. If you spend over $3500, they will send you a free Deluxe Survival Kit  that comes with a variety of gear that you could use in any emergency. It also has a 2 week supply of their long term food that could get you through most short-term situations.

Most packages cover a family of four, so if you are by yourself, they will last much longer. Also, if you truly are prepared, you will not have to rely entirely on packaged food. If you have land, or a vacant space close by, you should have a game plan for planting your own food. It is a good idea to have an assorted collection of seeds that produce vegetables that you can eat. You can get a can of “Preparedness Seeds” that contains 16 varieties of vegetable seeds and will help you plant close to ¾ acre of garden. That would be enough to supplement your nutrition needs for quite some time. These seeds can also be harvested and re-used for a garden the year after.

If you have never planted a garden before, it may be a good idea to practice on a small garden to get the hang of it. They are actually quite easy and can be a very rewarding experience. If you ever have to plant a garden for a survival situation or natural disaster, you will be glad that you have at least a little experience planting.

If you are unsure as to your preparedness for a survival situation, look through your house and see just how long your food and water would last if you were not able to go to the supermarket and buy groceries. Most people are shocked to see just how quickly they would run out of food. Keep in mind that if the situation were bad enough, you may not be able to use a stove to cook your food. That is why it is important to have at least a few weeks’ worth of non-perishable food and a few gallons of drinking water.

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